3 Garage Door Safety Tips To Help Keep Your Family Safe And Avoid Costly Repairs

You likely use your garage door just about every single day, and yet it's surprising how many homeowners take their garage door for granted until something goes wrong. You should be keeping up with a regular maintenance plan for your garage door, just like you would for any other area of your home. If you're not sure where to begin, here are three tips that will help ensure that your garage door continues to operate safely and efficiently in the years to come.

Inspect for Signs of Wear and Tear

Once a month, head out to your garage and visually inspect it. Take a look at all moving parts such as the rollers and the springs and check for signs of cracks or other wear and tear. Closely watch the door as it opens and shuts and look for any signs of resistance as it moves along the track. If you notice a problem, contact a professional to get it fixed as soon as possible.

Keep The Tracks Clear

There's no easier way to throw your garage door out of whack than to let something obstruct the door as it moves along the tracks. Grass and leaves are two things you should keep an eye out for, but you'll also want to make sure your kids know that the garage is not a play area. The last thing you want is for your door to run into a toy that was left in the garage.

Test The Auto-Reverse Mechanism

Every modern garage door has an auto-reverse feature designed to keep you and your family safe. In short, if someone walks underneath the door while it is closing, the door should detect this and automatically reverse itself back to a fully open position. To test this, grab a 3-foot tall piece of plywood or another similar item and set it right under where the door will close. Hit the button and watch what happens. The door should automatically stop and reverse when it comes into contact with the object. If you experience a problem, contact a garage door repair service immediately.

Get into the habit of performing a regular maintenance checkup on your garage door to ensure its continued safe operation. Inspect the door's moving parts for signs of wear and tear and make sure the garage door tracks stay free of debris and other potential obstructions. Test your door's auto-reverse mechanism once a month. If you discover any issues, reach out to a local company that handles garage door repairs or check out websites like http://www.jandrgaragedoor.com.

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