Top 4 Reasons To Visit A Salvage Yard For Auto Parts

If you own an automobile, it is inevitable that you will eventually have to make repairs and replace parts. You could order new parts for your car online, through a dealership, or from an auto repair shop, but many people forget to check out their local salvage yard. There are a number of reasons to visit a salvage yard for auto parts, such as:

Big Savings Potential

Purchasing an auto part at a salvage yard can cost a fraction of purchasing a brand new part for your vehicle. It can also be even less expensive to get a part at a salvage yard instead of purchasing a used part from an auto parts retailer. The savings can be especially large if you need to replace a very expensive part, such as a transmission or engine. A salvage yard is also a great place to look for parts if you drive a foreign car, since the price of these parts tend to be higher than domestic vehicles.

Parts That Are Almost as Good as New

Many people think of salvage yards as a graveyard for old junk cars, but there are actually all types of makes and models of various ages at a salvage yard. If a newer vehicle is damaged in an accident and the repair costs are higher than the value of the vehicle, an insurance company will often consider it totaled and send it to a salvage yard. While a newer car in a salvage yard may have extensive body damage or not run properly, many of its parts can be in great condition.

Parts for Vintage or Classic Vehicles

If you drive or are trying to restore a vintage automobile, a salvage yard can be a treasure trove. Parts and accessories for older vintage or classic cars can be difficult to find and can be quite costly if you purchase them from a specialty car shop. Spending an afternoon at a salvage yard can be time well spent if you find exactly what you need.

Environmentally Friendly Option

When you purchase used parts at a salvage yard you are helping the environment and reducing waste. People who pick up parts at a salvage yard are helping reuse and recycle auto parts that still have life left in them. After visiting a salvage yard, you can be happy that you saved yourself money and also feel good about being eco-friendly. 

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