What Parts on Your Old Pickup Are Worth Money on the Recycled Auto Parts Market

If you've got an old pickup truck that has seen better days, and you're ready to just scrap it at the junkyard, hold up a minute. Before you just sell your car for scrap weight, consider that there are some parts on the car that are potentially worth quite a bit of cash. You can use this cash as the down payment on your new truck. So, before you call the junkyard to come pick up your truck and tow it away, think about stripping it down for parts yourself. Here are a few potential parts to take from the car and sell to an auto recycling center.


One spot on pickup trucks that is very vulnerable to stress and wear and tear is the tailgate. This is especially true with trucks that are used for commercial purposes. Constant lifting and closing of the tailgate, not to mention the stress of holding materials (bags of cement, dirt, or plants of wood or drywall) can cause them to warp and even break off. Many contractors who use a pickup truck for their business will run into the problem of a broken tailgate. Their truck might be perfectly fine except for the broken tailgate, so they will end up hunting one out from the salvage yards and used auto parts suppliers. If your tailgate is in good condition, it would be an excellent candidate to remove and sell.

Catalytic Converter

These parts are always worth money because they contain a material called palladium, which is very pricey. These converters are required for a car to pass an emissions check, so every car needs one. They are very easy to remove, and are in such demand on the secondary market that many thieves will go out onto the streets at night and steal them from cars.


Body damage is a big problem with working trucks. A dented fender will not convey a nice, professional  look. Contractors who drive pickup trucks are often going to be parking in crowded construction sites or in the parking lots of busy home improvement centers where there is a good change of fender damage. Lots of contractors who own trucks are skilled enough at body work that they can remove a fender and put on a new one. So, if your trucks fender is in good shape, it would make sense to remove it and see what a recycling center will give you for it.


Airbags are worth money as long as they have never been deployed. These can be swapped into cars that have been in accidents and have had airbags that have gone off. However, be very careful about trying to remove these on your own. They can explode in your face and you won't be able to resell them. The best way to do this is to contact a recycling shop, such as Teddy Bears Auto Parts & Salvage Inc, and have them send over a specialist who knows how to remove it.

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