Choosing Your Drag Racing Shocks

If you are a drag racing enthusiast, then you may want to think about investing in some performance suspension parts, to make your ride a bit more performance ready. Shocks should be on your list, so keep reading to find out about some tips to help you pick out your shocks. 

Go With Mono Tube Varieties

Drag racing shocks come in two common varieties that include both mono tube and twin tube options. While many people will opt for the twin tube types, due to a perceived level of performance, the mono tube ones actually will provide a better level of performance, for individuals interested in drag racing. Specifically, while twin tube shocks are ideal for managing heat, heat is rarely an issue with drag racing. Tire shake and dampening ability are far more important. 

Mono tube shocks have a nitrogen charge, which helps to control movement so that tire shake does not occur and so that movement also does not transmit to your chassis. This is possible because of the way that the tube moves on the reservoir body. The piston is also a bit larger, for optimal shock absorption.

Keep in mind that since mono tube shocks are not ideal when it comes to high heat situations, the twin tube varieties can often be considered, if you enjoy other types of racing, including drag. 

Consider Adjustability 

Valving is extremely important when it comes to shocks, and one size usually does not fit all when it comes to the parts, especially when it comes to drag racing. Your vehicle will create a number of different variables that may require the need for flexibility. With many things to consider, such as weight, horsepower, speed, and the specific performance ability of your car, it may take some time to find the right compression and rebound for the shocks.

While some shocks are more expensive than others, premium options allow you to adjust the stiffness by simply turning a knob on the bottom or back portion of the shock.

If you are looking for the most precise shocks, then you can find ones that allow for dual adjustment. These let you turn a separate knob for compression and extension, in addition to the ones included for stiffness. 

If you want to know more about drag racing suspension parts or the best shocks for drag racing, speak with an drag racing parts professional.

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