Understanding The Differences Between Rebuilt And Remanufactured Diesel Engines

If you need a new diesel engine for your truck, you have several options that you may want to consider. A remanufactured engine is often available from a local truck dealer, or you may want to look for rebuilt diesel engines from machine shops that refresh and sell them for use in many makes and models of diesel trucks. 

Factory Remanufactured Engines

When you are ready to purchase a replacement diesel engine for your truck, you may want to consider remanufactured diesel engines built to factory specifications and are a direct replacement for your vehicle. The remanufactured engine is typically assembled using all new components and an OEM, original equipment manufacturer, engine block is tested and approved for use. 

Each of the parts put into the block is an OEM part, so remanufactured diesel engines are essentially the same engine that came in the truck when you purchased it. Replacing your engine with a remanufactured unit is the most straightforward way to do the job and will ensure the ECM and all electronics used to manage the engine work correctly. 

The engine should also be easier to install in the truck, and the mechanic working on it may be able to complete the job faster with a remanufactured engine assembly. The costs of factory remanufactured diesel engines are often higher than those built by an independent shop. Still, they may carry a warranty that is significantly better than the alternatives on the market. 

Independent Rebuilt Engines

Rebuilt diesel engines often start with the engine block out of your truck, and are stripped, cleaned, and checked for damage before the shop does any work on the engine. If the block passes inspection, it is used as the base for the rebuilt, and the shop will begin assembling it using either OEM or aftermarket parts to tailor the engine to the owner's needs. 

If you need more torque or power from your truck, rebuilt diesel engines use performance parts in the engine that produces more power, torque, and performance when the engine is complete. Often, the engine shop will make the choices for specific parts based on the owner's requirements. 

You will not need to tell the shop which pistons or what cam to install, but giving the engine shop an idea of how much power you want from your rebuilt diesel engine will allow them to select parts that will work together to produce the power you need. If the engine shop is rebuilding your original truck engine, the process may take more time, and the cost can fluctuate with the parts selection. But rebuilt diesel engines assembled in a quality engine shop will often last longer and outperform stock engines significantly. 

Keep these tips in mind when looking for rebuilt diesel engines near you.

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