Why Factory Equipment Parts Are Beneficial For Your Heavy Equipment

If you run heavy equipment as part of your business, maintaining the equipment is critical and using the correct parts to replace anything that is worn or broken is vital. Ensuring the heavy equipment parts you buy are going to work is sometimes tricky, but there are some options that can help. 

OEM Parts

Using original equipment manufacturer heavy equipment parts means you are using the same parts to replace broken or worn items that the factory used to assemble your equipment when it was new. These parts are the most precise and will fit the machine the way they are intended to, so they will perform just like the original parts did. 

Buying OEM parts for your equipment often means going back to the dealer or manufacturer to get the parts, but some third-party suppliers carry OEM parts for many different machines, and they may have the part you need. If the parts supplier doesn't have them, they might be able to order the parts you need, but often that means waiting several days, and if your equipment is down, you may want to call a local equipment dealer and see if they have the part or can get it faster. 

There are some places online where you can order OEM heavy equipment parts, but be careful to make sure that you're ordering the correct part that you need.  

Parts Warranties

Buying OEM heavy equipment parts may mean that you get a factory warranty that will cover early failures or defects in the parts. A warranty on third-party parts is often very short if there is one at all, and while you may get just as much service from the parts, it is often a gamble when you are using the equipment daily and working it hard. 

If you are looking for a warranty when buying parts, it is essential to ask the dealer you are buying them through about it. In many cases, the OEM parts will last longer than other brands, so even without a warranty, the machine's uptime is essential, and saving a few dollars on the parts you are using but having to replace them more often results in a loss of productivity.

The cost of the downtime and repairs can add up quickly, so getting the best quality heavy equipment parts possible is often the best way to ensure your machines are working and not sitting waiting for parts. A part that is half the cost of the OEM part but breaks twice as often will cost more in labor and downtime.  

Contact a company that sells heavy equipment parts to learn more.

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